Bloom and Zoom with Gayle Danley!

"Words are more than what we say. They are what we live."

Bloom and Zoom!

Bring your pen, notebook, heart, messy hair, and beverage of choice. 

Let's learn and laugh!

We see you. The days we are living through are, indeed, extraordinary. But so are you. 

We are proud to bring you this opportunity to take a moment for you to learn to process your ideas and emotions through writing and poetry—to nurture your gifts and find connectivity with yourself and your community. You deserve this.

Join YA's own slam poet Gayle Danley for a delightful and instructive workshop where fellow Zoomers will get a double treat: A magnetic performance and slam poetry workshop.


As a teaching artist, Gayle has been part of our roster of artists for decades, visiting schools throughout Maryland and sharing her poetic message of love, life, and loss. An International Poetry Slam Champion and former Young Audiences National Artist of the Year, Gayle earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Howard University and a Master’s Degree in Communications from Syracuse University.

Her work with children who are suffering loss has been featured in a TedEd talk, on CBS 60 Minutes, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and the New York Times.