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Choosing Peace: Multicultural Tales to Ponder

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Choosing Peace: Multicultural Tales to Ponder


"When Noa told her stories, I forgot I was sitting in front of a person, I was completely engaged in the world she created for me, and the kids shared this same experience."

Keren, Principal, Shoreshim Hebrew School

"Noa was warm and engaging. She established immediate rapport with the audience, giving clear cues for decorum, but lots of space for appropriate response and participation. Her stories were mesmerizing, her timing impeccable, and her connection with the children genuine. Loved her!"

Nan, Principal, AlephBet Jewish Day School

"Noa is fantastic! She brings her stories alive so that this petite woman actually resembles a lion, a turtle--actually any character she takes on, when performing--without costume! I cannot say enough about Noa--the teachers, staff and most importantly the students were captivated by her storytelling."

Pamela, Oakland Terrace Elementary PTA