Measurable Making: Cascading Drawbots Residency

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Measurable Making: Cascading Drawbots Residency

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What if students were a corps of teaching artists? Imagine a classroom where peers are coaching a team of visiting students over the course of an hour, through solving an arts-integrated engineering design challengeusing skills, examples, and materials of instruction they’ve worked with a teaching artist to design, test, improve, and present. FutureMakers cascading model is peer-leda single-activity residency that allows students to develop an SEL competency. It takes place in two or three visits and impacts two or more grade levels for the cost of a single mini residency.

Three Roles: Coaches: One classroom that receives the core residency that will be coached – two to three classroom sessions. It could be one or all classes in a single grade level. Learners: A matched classroom of students who receive, in one class period, a complete lesson facilitated 1:1 with peer coaches. It could be one or all classes at another grade level – upper or lower. Educators: Lead educators learn alongside their students, then transfer their knowledge to peer educators from a matched classroom. Outcomes and Benefits: – The core team of students complete one-hour art-integrated activity (formative artifact/art skill & content comprehension) – The core team creates durable materials of instruction to aid their coaching near-peers – arts-integrated writing/illustration activity (formative/reflective document/artifact) – Students and educators prepare to take role of an expert/coach/instructor and identify coaching strategies (SEL and communication skills) – Students transfer subject matter knowledge with peers – up- or down-grade stream – as coaches (summative, Arts / Integrated content, SEL) – Educators activate students as experts (staff development/project-based skills) – The cost of intervention is concentrated at one grade level, all other classrooms only pay for materials.

Residencies range in price, from $2,000 and up, but we can use your available budget and ‘work backward’ to create a cost-effective residency for your school. We may be able to assist you in securing grant and funding opportunities.

Residencies are tailored to your needs but usually include:
• A kick-off assembly (performing arts only)
• A required orientation meeting and planning session
• A set of workshops for classes of up to 25 students each
• A student culminating or sharing event
• An evaluation meeting


“I was looking for ways to make learning tangible in my classroom.
I wanted a transdisciplinary project that would engage my
students and plug into my existing curriculum without replacing
it. FutureMakers met all of these expectations and more.”

Andria, Teacher, Harford County Public Schools

“Great hands-on STEAM project. It got everyone involved!”

Emma K. Doub Elementary