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Schroeder Cherry, dressed in all black and wearing a blaseball hat, stands behind a large folded cardboard scene with one of his handmade puppets. In the scene, a preacher in a blue suit, arms outstretched above the word, "colored," faces rows of seated individuals in a full church above the words, "whites only."

Teaching Artist Profile: Schroeder Cherry

Image of Schroeder Cherry courtesy of Charm City Fringe Arts for Learning Maryland’s teaching artists are incredible—in and out of the classroom! In this new blog series, we’ll be highlighting our artists and exploring their work, perspectives, and approaches for…

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When teaching artists step inside Maryland classrooms, they open doors to joy, creativity, and discovery.



Here, students connect to academic content through dance, music, storytelling, visual arts, and drama.



And through the arts, educators and school districts unlock the greatness within each child, advancing achievement and supporting authentic social emotional growth.