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On the left is a headshot of Dani Faulkner. She is wearing glasses and has a relaxed smile. On the right is a side profile photo of Micaela Gramelis shot in a wooded area. Dappled sunlight hits her face.

New Chief of Engagement and Development Director at Arts for Learning Maryland

Arts for Learning Maryland’s Development and Engagement teams have expanded! We’re excited to announce the appointment of longtime Arts for Learning team member Micaela Gramelis to the newly-created Chief of Engagement position, and Dani Faulkner as our new Development Director.…

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When teaching artists step inside Maryland classrooms, they open doors to joy, creativity, and discovery.



Here, students connect to academic content through dance, music, storytelling, visual arts, and drama.



And through the arts, educators and school districts unlock the greatness within each child, advancing achievement and supporting authentic social emotional growth.