Gifts That Cost You Nothing Now

A well-planned gift tells your story: what you believe is most valuable in your life and for your community.

By simply signing your name, you have the power to make a lasting impact on student access to the transformative power of arts-integrated learning.


Gifts in a Will

A gift in your will is one of the easiest ways to create your legacy of support for Arts for Learning Maryland.

No cost: It costs you nothing now.

Flexible: You can alter your gift or change your mind at any time.

Lasting impact: Your gift will guide us ever closer to our vision that one day, every student in Maryland will have the opportunity to imagine, create, and realize their full potential through the arts. The impact of your gift becomes your personal legacy in helping to shape the future of Arts for Learning Maryland.

Gifts by Beneficiary Designation

It’s easy to put your bank accounts, retirement funds, savings bonds, and more to use in helping Arts for Learning secure a future where every student in Maryland has the opportunity to imagine, create, and realize their full potential through the arts. And it costs nothing now.

By naming Arts for Learning Maryland, Inc. as a beneficiary of these assets, you’re giving us the critical resources we need to develop and expand innovative arts-based programs that have the power to transform the lives and education of our children.

Potential benefits of gifts by beneficiary designation:

  • Reduce or eliminate taxes on retirement assets;
  • Reduce or avoid probate fees;
  • No cost to you now to give;
  • Create your legacy with Arts for Learning Maryland.

To name Arts for Learning Maryland, Inc. as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, contact your bank or insurance company to see whether a change of beneficiary form must be completed.

Bank accounts, CDs, brokerage accounts, and commercial annuities
This is one of the easiest gifts to give and one of the most useful in accomplishing your philanthropic goals. The next time you visit your bank, you can name Arts for Learning Maryland, Inc. (Tax ID: 52-0698849) as the beneficiary of a checking or savings bank account, a certificate of deposit (CD), or a brokerage account. When you do, you’ll take a powerful step toward sustaining our award-winning, evidence-based programs while shaping the future of Arts for Learning Maryland as a leader in arts in education.

Savings bonds
If you have bonds that have stopped earning interest and you plan to redeem them, you might owe income tax on the appreciation. That could result in your heirs receiving only a fraction of the value of the bonds in which you invested. Since Arts for Learning Maryland, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization, naming us as a beneficiary means that 100% of your gift will go toward expanding access to the arts.

For More Information

For more information and to learn more about how your gift will be put to use, contact Shaquayah McKenzie, Major Gifts Officer, at (855) 245-2787 or [email protected].

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