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Community Schools

Community schools promote positive, equitable outcomes by providing students and families with the physical and mental health, academic, and extracurricular supports needed to thrive.

While all schools support students, community schools are anchors of the community, serving as hubs that bring families, communities, and partners together to identify and address structural and institutional barriers to access, learning, and achievement.

Leveraging the power of the collective allows community schools to provide in-school wraparound services and vital support to students and families where they need them the most. These can include health and mental wellness services, counseling, access to food, clothing, school supplies, and technology, extended academic learning and enrichment, and more.

Arts for Learning is proud to be a Community Schools Lead Agency. We believe the arts bring communities together, and we are dedicated to ensuring that the community schools we partner with also receive equitable access to the arts and opportunities to participate in arts enrichment programs.

Community Schools

Green Street Academy

Founded in 2010, Green Street Academy is a 6-12 public charter school located in West Baltimore. Now serving 875 students annually, GSA was designed to transform how scholars prepare for college and careers in the 21st century through the lens of environmental, human, and personal economic sustainability.

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Green Street Academy

Green Street Academy Baltimore

Hazelwood Elementary Middle School

Hazelwood Elementary/Middle School is a PreK-8 public school located in Northeast Baltimore, nestled between Belair Road and Cedonia Avenue. The school is part of a neighborhood revitalization and is committed to providing a safe school environment for all students to excel academically, physically, socially, emotionally, and ethically. Students, parents, staff, and the community work together to help every child reach their highest potential in order to become responsible citizens and life-long learners.

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Hazelwood Elementary Middle School

Hazelwood Elementary Middle School Baltimore credit-Wendell-Supreme-Shannon

Mount Royal Elementary Middle School

The Mount Royal School is a PreK-8 neighborhood public school in Baltimore City's Bolton Hill neighborhood. Its mission is to provide the Mount Royal School community with an equitable environment where students are encouraged and safe to take academic risks that help them identify and build skills, interests, and confidence that they can carry and apply in our communities.

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Mount Royal Elementary Middle School

Mount Royal Elementary Middle School Baltimore

Meet the Arts for Learning Community Schools Team

All year long, the Arts for Learning Community Schools team cultivates relationships and seeks opportunities that support the unique needs of each school community, facilitating fundamental supports that ensure more equitable access to integrated services, resources like food and technology, opportunities within health and mental wellness, and academic and extracurricular activities, including extended learning or arts enrichment experiences.


“Community schools serve as hubs for vital resources and connect students and families to services that can help them thrive. Importantly, community schools expand learning and enrichment opportunities for both students and parents alike, and promote family and community engagement in education, which ultimately can bolster students’ success.”

—Dr. Miguel Cardona, U.S. Secretary of Education

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