Ambo Tazanu poses in front of a mirror.

Ambo Tazanu

Artist Credentials
Maryland Wolf Trap Baby Artsplay! Trained
Maryland Wolf Trap Teaching Artist
About this Artist

Pronouns: she/her

And so our nation’s capital has given us Ambo Tazanu, who brings her theatre and educational experience. Early Childhood Education and Theatre Arts were her fields of study at Howard University. She graduated with a B.A. in Theatre from Geneva College. As an actor with Lamb’s Players Theatre, she was a member of the SWAT (Slightly Wild, Accessible Theatre), the educational touring company that traveled throughout San Diego, CA, immersing students in multicultural storytelling that explored different cultures. In 2008, Ambo worked for the Alliance Theatre in Georgia and trained with their institute for educators and teaching artists. As a teaching artist for Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning, Ambo continues to engage students through Theatre, storytelling, and the Literary Arts.

Artist Statement

The beauty of this global mosaic is each brilliant person reflected as the whole, and the Arts
make this possible.

Ambo Tazanu is a Maryland Wolf Trap Early Childhood teaching artist. Learn more about our Early Childhood programs.


“My students loved the entire day. I can’t tell you how much this complimented my current lesson plans...” —Larry, CA

“You bring us and all the kids you touch such joy.” -Miller, MA

“Ms. T’s fun activities really helped me learn about things in a fun way rather than learning it from the textbook.” —Adyasho

“When you act out history, you remember it.” —Rebecca N.

“I definitely learned more and better than I would have if we were learning like we usually do.” —Tinashe

“If I were to compare Ambo to a piece of music (which, of course, I have to do, since I compare all things in life to some aspect of music...), I am torn between two choices. One would have to be Haydn’s Surprise Symphony. While listening to a phrase of soft pizzicato strings whispering the notes of a childlike melody, the entire orchestra suddenly enters on one chord with a startling fortissimo blast! You’re never quite sure what dynamic level each note will be, which instrument is going to take the lead, or which key it will modulate to the next. This, of course, reminds me of Ambo because of the music’s playfulness and Haydn’s delight in the effect it has on those who hear it. Not to mention that, as in the symphony, I’m never quite sure what Ambo is going to do next! The second piece of music is either “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” or “Hakuna Matata.” —Vanda, CA