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Pronouns: she/her

Cassandra Hill is a native of South Carolina. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. In 2012 Ms. Hill started a private practice and christened it “Speech Therapy Enterprises LLC.” Here she treats the pediatric to the geriatric populations for speech and language disorders that affect one’s speech and language, fluency, voice, swallowing, and cognitive functioning.

As her employment history is inclusive of delivering speech-language pathology services to children in the school setting for eight years, she continues to serve that population by using her gift of storytelling. Ms. Hill is the proud author of “Shyann I Am!” and “It’s Your Birthday Shyann!” Her latest book, “It’s Your Birthday Shyann!” teaches children how to say “Happy Birthday!” in eight different languages and exposes them to a diverse set of cultural birthday traditions. This festive book teaches multiple languages in minutes enticing kids to foster friendships with kids of all cultures.

Change the World Shyann! is a joyful and inspirational song written by Cassandra Hill. This song was specifically written to enhance the book “It’s Your Birthday Shyann!” as it further encourages kids to spread peace and love by establishing relationships and fostering friendships with children of different cultural ethnicities all around the world.

Today, Cassandra Hill is a proud performer for Arts For Learning Maryland for children in grades Pre-K to 3. Ms. Hill’s live performances of “It’s Your Birthday Shyann!” are tailor-made for school assemblies that beckon children to participate in call-and-response chants and to learn cultural dances. Children will feast their eyes on cultural costumes and learn geographical locations of countries and their flag representations all in one show. Teachers can be sure Ms. Hill’s show content is rooted in receptive and expressive language learning concepts. Ready? Set… Learn.

My show promotes cultural diversity by taking children on a trip around the world to get a taste of different cultural birthday traditions. I love the idea of kids stamping their passports to Hawaii, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Kenya and China to learn how to say “Happy Birthday!” in eight different languages. I’m always thrilled to present this show and interact with children to broaden their mental landscape and view of people all over the world.


“I have worked with hundreds of authors across the country. Many have written great books and some have delivered dynamic presentations. Cassandra Hill does both extremely well. Not only entertaining young audiences, but educating and inspiring elementary school-age children in ways that parents and teachers love. Her presentations that I’ve witnessed are unique and innovative and something that early readers will surely benefit from."

Kwame Alexander, President KA Productions (Book In a Day/Capital Bookfest Founder/ CEO)

“It truly was an outstanding presentation, high energy and well prepared. The students were very interested and you kept their attention throughout. Your program reinforces the fact that a chief “tool” in the learning process is the ability to read.”

Claudia Cream, Principal, Parkside Elementary School, Camden, NJ

“Presented in verse form with no specific meter, "It's Your Birthday Shyann!" is fully and brightly illustrated, with a small map and flag included for each visitor, as well as basic instructions for dances. Hill provides proper pronunciations and depicts each visitor in a traditional costume, teaching readers about many different cultures. A valuable tale that promotes multicultural education.”

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