Christina Delgado

Artist Credentials
MSAC Teaching Artist Roster
Teaching Artist Institute Graduate
About this Artist

Pronouns: she/her

Christina Delgado became a photographer and an artist later in life. Her experience started as a hobby; then became a profession and her reason for wanting to become a teacher early in her career. She has been an educator, photographer, community advocate, and culture worker for well over 17 years. She is the founder of Tola’s Room, a collective of the arts, community, & education located in NE Baltimore. This space educates and influences using art, culture, and community organizing, while also serving as the only Puerto Rican cultural hub in Baltimore City. She is currently on the Maryland State Arts Council Artist-in-Resident Roster and works with Arts for Learning Maryland as an arts equity advisor, mentor, and Teaching Artist. She also serves in the Community Advocacy Position on the Board of the Environmental Control Board for Baltimore City. Christina is deeply invested in issues of diversity, equity, and art empowerment, upholding the mindset that these issues are a collective responsibility and thus require engagement and action.

Artist Statement

In my opinion, art is a resource that can help many students communicate in creative ways. It’s an expressive outlet that can give a sense of accomplishment and pride, due to the dedication, application of creativity, and the imagination that is used by the student. It is also significant to education for many reasons. It allows the student to think differently, be innovative, collaborate with others, become flexible, and adapt to various situations; all essential skills for life, especially for students in the 21st Century.