Katherine Dilworth

Art Form(s)
Visual Arts
Artist Credentials
MSAC Teaching Artist Roster
National Residency Teaching Artist Credential Recipient
Teaching Artist Institute Graduate
About this Artist

Pronouns: she/her

Katherine Dilworth brings the centuries-old art form of felting to your school. Comprised of sculpting loose wool into solid shapes and murals, felting is an ideal medium for broadening students’ perception of visual art. For more than 20 years, Katherine Dilworth has integrated fabrics and fibers into her artwork. Her work is in galleries throughout the U.S. and was included in two books.

Artist Statement

I love the moment when someone in the room looks at what they are making and their face says, “I like this. I get this. I can do this.” And suddenly they are excited. And they want to know and do more. And the art is no longer something they are being taught, but something that is theirs.


"Katherine Dilworth is hands down, the best artist that I have ever worked with for our school’s residency program. She is not only impeccably organized and prepared, but her ability to collaborate with other teachers to provide the best program for our students speaks volumes about her professionalism. Katherine’s ability to reach the students was nothing short of extraordinary; every single student was engaged in the project at every step and eager to return for the following session. She was able to make connections from the students' current curriculum to the felting process. This was an outstanding program." —Leah Ellert, Art Teacher, Bannockburn Elementary School

"100% student engagement from start to finish." —Tyrese, Teacher, The Commodore John Rodgers School

"I have had the opportunity to work with Katherine on the Felted Square Residency for several school years. Every year, Katherine comes prepared to work with students providing them with guidance on how to complete the project while encouraging their creativity. The theme of this project, injustice, can be a difficult subject, but Katherine is able to break down this project through her empathy and understanding of the students, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone. Overall, this is one of my students favorite activities for the year. I can't say enough great things about the benefits of this residency." —Lisa, Teacher, Glenwood Middle School

"Katherine Dilworth, our resident artist, has woven an enchanting tapestry of knowledge and creativity in her teachings about fibers, weaving, and felting. With her gentle guidance and boundless passion for the craft, she has ignited a spark of artistic curiosity in our students, unveiling the intricate beauty and meditative rhythm of these age-old techniques. Through her nurturing instruction, Katherine has not only imparted technical skills but has also cultivated a deep appreciation for the tactile and transformative nature of fiber arts. Her presence has woven threads of inspiration throughout our community, fostering a sense of wonder and exploration that will undoubtedly continue to flourish in the hearts and hands of our aspiring artists." –Tracy Lyon, Harford Day School