Arts for Learning After School


To prioritize safety, the Arts for Learning After School program will periodically shift as needed to virtual learning.

This could be due to several reasons:

+ An individual class may need to quarantine for a period of time if a student or staff member is not feeling well.

+ If there is a surge of COVID cases, there could be a program-wide shift to virtual programming.

The important thing to remember is that vigilantly assessing and shifting from in-person to virtual learning as needed has been effective in protecting our communities and is necessary in order to continue to keep students and staff safe.

What happens if we go virtual?

If your student needs to go virtual, you will receive communication through text and email. The take-home student supply bag will include everything your student needs to continue the program from home.

In the event that the program is virtual, please access your student’s zoom link below and join in on the virtual fun!

Virtual Classrooms

Class NameGrade LevelsClass ColorZoom Classroom LinkZoom Meeting ID
Marsha's ASALA SquadK-2YellowZoom Classroom Link916 6531 0693
Nomiki's ASALA SquadK-2BlueZoom Classroom Link916 6531 0693
Sarah's ASALA SquadK-2OrangeZoom Classroom Link916 6531 0693
Bethanie's ASALA SquadK-2GreenZoom Classroom Link916 6531 0693

Class NameGrade LevelsClass ColorZoom Classroom LinkZoom Meeting ID
Brunia's ASALA SquadK-2LimeZoom Classroom Link833 2561 2720
Jennifer's ASALA SquadK-2YellowZoom Classroom Link833 2561 2720
Ola's ASALA SquadK-2BlueZoom Classroom Link818 1926 3494
Tiara's ASALA SquadK-2OrangeZoom Classroom Link818 1926 3494
Brandi's ASALA Squad3-5GreenZoom Classroom Link857 8242 6298
Brandon's ASALA Squad3-5WhiteZoom Classroom Link857 8242 6298
Kyrissa's ASALA Squad3-5Light BlueZoom Classroom Link857 8242 6298
Ti's ASALA Squad3-5PinkZoom Classroom Link857 8242 6298

Class NameGrade LevelsClass ColorZoom Classroom LinkZoom Meeting ID
Parrish's ASALA Squad3-5YellowZoom Classroom Link852 8198 2992
Kenneth's ASALA Squad3-5WhiteZoom Classroom Link852 8198 2992
Clarissa's ASALA SquadK-2LimeZoom Classroom Link846 8265 2458
Genesis's ASALA SquadK-2Light BlueZoom Classroom Link845 4675 7784
Gina's ASALA SquadK-2PinkZoom Classroom Link846 8265 2458
Mr. Ssuuna ASALA SquadK-2OrangeZoom Classroom Link845 4675 7784
Kamilah's ASALA Squad3-5GreenZoom Classroom Link383 091 3048
Mama Sallah's ASALA Squad3-5BlueZoom Classroom Link383 091 3048

Class NameGrade LevelsClass ColorZoom Classroom LinkZoom Meeting ID
Ashley's ASALA SquadK-2OrangeZoom Classroom Link870 2057 7507
Danielle's ASALA SquadK-2YellowZoom Classroom Link870 2057 7507
Maria's ASALA SquadK-2WhiteZoom Classroom Link858 4628 3560
Tina's ASALA SquadK-2PinkZoom Classroom Link858 4628 3560
Latoya's ASALA Squad3-5Light BlueZoom Classroom Link836 6129 1669
Mama Kay's ASALA Squad3-5GreenZoom Classroom Link836 6129 1669
Myrna's ASALA Squad3-5LimeZoom Classroom Link811 6316 3040
Parrish's ASALA Squad3-5BlueZoom Classroom Link811 6316 3040

Class NameGrade LevelsClass ColorZoom Classroom LinkZoom Meeting ID
Kieara's ASALA SquadK-2Light BlueZoom Classroom Link872 7910 4905
Natasha's ASALA SquadK-2PinkZoom Classroom Link872 7910 4905
Rodrick's ASALA SquadK-2GreenZoom Classroom Link822 0487 8651
Stevanie's ASALA SquadK-2BlueZoom Classroom Link822 0487 8651
Koli's ASALA Squad3-5YellowZoom Classroom Link334 019 6693
Larry's ASALA Squad3-5LimeZoom Classroom Link896 1209 3070
Trishanna's ASALA Squad3-5OrangeZoom Classroom Link334 019 6693
Tyrone's ASALA Squad3-5WhiteZoom Classroom Link551 375 1709