Words, Beats, and Rimes with Quynn Johnson

This lesson uses elements of tap dance and basic tap steps as a tool to build students’ understanding of onset and rhyme.

Sliding into Syllables with Quynn Johnson

This lesson offers educators tools to introduce the tap dance element of beat and use it to enhance and build student understanding of syllables.

Pitter-Patter Patterns with Quynn Johnson

This lesson uses the tap dance element of beat and choreography, along with four basic tap steps, to introduce patterns in the classroom.

Let’s Get Moving! with Shianne Williams-Brown

Research shows a link between cognitive development and movement. Children need opportunities to move to strengthen neural connections. Join Ms. Shianne as she demonstrates movement and sensory-based activity for Pre-K and Kindergarten classes.

Total Physical Response with Laura Schandelmeier

Total Physical Response (TPR) is a method of teaching language or vocabulary concepts using physical movement In conjunction with expressive language. Teachers will learn TPR, a movement-based strategy, to improve language acquisition.

Seed to Plant Dance with Laura Schandelmeier

Dance the life cycle of a seed to a plant with tactile stimulation. This science strategy also aids in the development of sequencing, decoding, and recall.

Baby Artsplay™ Experience: Go Forward with Ms. Quynn

In this lesson, participants will explore moving in different directions while using elements of tap dance to create steady beat on their feet. Participants will follow along with the teaching artist engaging in song, movement, and creating beats on parts of the feet.

Bubble Dance (Baile de las Burbujas) with Ms. Maria

Using and observing bubbles, we will dance like bubbles, navigating and exploring the space.

Moving Our Bodies With Rhythms and Animals with 123 Andrés

Let’s get ready to move our bodies! Andrés and Christina of 123 Andrés bring a program infused with Latin rhythms, giving children an opportunity to make movements, from little eye blinks to jumping with our whole bodies.

Push and Pull Them Strategy Video with Ms. V

Caregivers will learn how to take the traditional themed song “open/shut them” and translate it into an experience for the whole body which focuses on weight shifting. This experience is beneficial for children preparing to move from rolling to crawling / crawling to walking / walking to “jumping”, etc.

Tap Mathematician with Ms. Quynn

Tap Mathematician takes students on a physical journey through counting. Students combine movement with a number creating a fun fluency activity.

I Feel A Beat with Ms. Quynn

Beat can be felt all through the body and this lesson shares different ways students can explore the beat within them. I Feel A Beat uses elements of tap dance (beat), call and response vocalization, and movement that has students chanting along the way.