Arts for Learning at Goodnow Community Center

Arts for Learning Maryland (formerly Young Audiences of Maryland) is using its highly successful Summer Arts for Learning Academy model to transform after school programming. Using a co-teaching model, the Arts for Learning at Goodnow After School program pairs a classroom teacher and a professional teaching artist to deliver arts-integrated math and literacy lessons to elementary and middle-grade students.

The program is scheduled to run from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM, Monday—Friday, from September 26, 2022 through June 2, 2023 at Arts for Learning at Goodnow, located at 5311 Goodnow Rd, Baltimore, MD 21206.

Arts for Learning at Goodnow Job Opportunities

Classroom Teachers

The A4L at Goodnow After School grade level Classroom Teacher is key to ensuring rigorous and meaningful learning in both literacy and math during our after school program. Grade level teachers will be paired with a highly skilled teaching artist to provide arts-integrated instruction daily. Artist/teacher pairs are required to co-plan lessons together. Teachers, across all grade levels (K-8), will teach one 35-minute arts-integrated math class, or one 35-minute arts-integrated literacy class to the same student cohort each day. Teachers must be comfortable leading lessons in both math and literacy. All teachers, regardless of their assigned grade level are expected to begin each day leading a SQUAD session that focuses on Social and Emotional Learning and Community Building and monitor recess.

Teaching Artists

The A4L at Goodnow After School Teaching Artist is the heart and soul of the program. Teaching artists are paired with a grade level teacher for the entire program. These pairs are responsible for delivering engaging, meaningful, and joyful instruction both in and through the arts. Teaching artists are required to co-plan with their teacher partner for a 35-minute block of arts-integrated literacy or a 35-minute block of arts-integrated math each day. Artist/teacher pairs are expected to co-plan each lesson together. Teaching artists are also required to lead a small group of students daily for SQUADS and will monitor recess. Teaching artists will also teach a class in their art form each program day for 35

Site Support

The Arts for Learning After School Site Support position is pivotal to the success of the program. Site Support will be assigned a site and will be responsible for all subbing needs at that site. On days that a sub is not needed, the site support will look for other ways to ensure that the site runs smoothly. This could include supporting staff, working with the directors, planning family involvement events, etc. Site Support must be flexible as this position requires them to sub for both teachers and artists, as well as jump into new roles. Linked below is an overview of the classroom teacher role and teaching artist role for reference of what may be required of this position when subbing.

Student Support Specialist

The A4L at Goodnow After School Student Support Specialist works side by side with Site Director to create and foster a positive, safe, and productive learning environment for all students and staff at the site. The Student Support Specialist is a key member in developing the student support plan for the site, and will effectively oversee this plan throughout the program. The student support specialist is required to facilitate one on one, and group conflict resolution sessions and provide in-classroom support when needed. The coordinator is also required to provide supervision to students while not in classroom settings (during meal times, recess, etc.).