Arts and Learning Kids City Schools

3rd-5th Grade

Arts-Integrated Math

EpisodeWatch HereWatch on VimeoConnected ObjectiveSEL Connections
Acting as Architects and Artists: Let's Create Cityscapes!WATCH ON VIMEOThe Commutative Property of Multiplication is taught through the Visual Art Element of Value.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness
Pixelating Our World: Designing Robots Using Color and Multiplication ConceptsWATCH ON VIMEOArea and the Distributive Property are demonstrated through the use of Color and Pixelation in Visual Arts.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness
Tiling it On: Area and TessellationWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will use Visual Arts to create a tessellated tile pattern to discover that area is the multiplication of side lengths in a rectangle.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness
Math MappersWATCH ON VIMEOTechnical Drawing is used to teach the Area of rectilinear shapes.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness
Chants for Change: Using Fraction Parts on a Number LineWATCH ON VIMEOFractions are shown to be a portion of a whole, just as Music is a part of human culture.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness, Social Awareness, Making Responsible Decisions
Beyond the Whole: Rhythmic Sounds and Fractions Parts Beyond 1WATCH ON VIMEOFractions greater than one are explored through Music notation and rhythm.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness
Amazing Equivalents: Equivalent Fractions and Beats in a MeasureWATCH ON VIMEOEquivalent Fractions are discovered through different rhythms in a measure of music.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness
The Factors of Dance: Breaking It Down as We Break Down Whole NumbersWATCH ON VIMEOMultiples and Factors of Whole Numbers are determined through simple Dance patterns.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness
Swinging through our Math Facts: Using Dance to practice the 6, 7, 8, and 9 Facts in MultiplicationWATCH ON VIMEOStudents learn simple Swing Dance steps to help remember Multiplication Facts.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness
Syncopated Fractions: Adding Fractions on a Number Line!WATCH ON VIMEOStudents learn how Dancers break a unit of time down into syncopated steps. Putting those steps together is a form of Adding FractionsVIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness
Acting Out Word Problems: Using Theater Elements to bring Division Word Problems to LifeWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will adjust their bodies and voices to become the characters in a division word problem. Using acting techniques, they will discover what to solve for.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSocial Awareness
Warming up for Geometric Tableaux: Combining Yoga with Math to prepare our bodies and minds.WATCH ON VIMEOTheatre elements of tableau and physical warm-ups are used to identify and express geometric vocabulary.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness, Mindfulness
Club Quarantine: Making Music with FractionsWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will identify fractions on a number line, understand the musical notes that correspond with the fractions, and write their own songs using notes and fractions.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness
Tap Dancing with FractionsWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will use tap steps, choreography, and visual fraction models to review fractions as part of a whole.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness
A-cute Story about AnglesWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will identify acute, obtuse, right and straight angles through their bodies, their names, and a puppet show.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness
Solving Math Problems Through SongWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will create a song to identify the steps to solving a word problem and use that song to solve fraction word problems.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness, Self-Management
Math-Inspired MobilesWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will identify and draw two dimensional shapes in order to create an Alexander Calder inspired mobile.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness, Self-Management

Arts-Integrated Literacy

EpisodeWatch HereWatch on VimeoConnected ObjectiveSEL Connections
Pieces of Our JourneysWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will annotate one portion of Grandfather’s Journey to answer the 5 W’s and will annotate a second portion of the story through the eyes of an artist to summarize their understanding through art. Students will share their own journeys, organized by who, what, when, where, and why and expressed through collage.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf- Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness
Salty Self Portraits Inspired by SulweWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will identify the theme of a story and incorporate it into self-portraits using watercolor paint and salt.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness, Social Awareness
Zines and Beans: What Will We Grow in our Garden?WATCH ON VIMEOStudents will explore how various characters in Seedfolks grow and make an impact in order to consider the ways that they personally can grow and make an impact through the creation of a mini zine.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSocial Awareness, Self-Awareness
Dancing Around Our Way: Connecting Poetry and Point of View to MovementWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will identify how point of view impacts the content and style of a text and explore dance movements that bring these texts to life.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSocial Awareness, Self-Awareness
Inferences: Lyrics Are the Clues We UseWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will identify details in the lyrics of a song in order to explain its meaning and write a song to help them remember the process that they used.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness, Self-Management
Exploring the Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat: Creating Crowns of the Royalty Inside of Each of UsWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will look closely at the details for Jean Michel Basquiat’s artwork to determine themes in his work before creating their own Basquiat inspired crowns.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf- Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness
From Athlete to Artist: Lyrics to Help Us LearnWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will analyze song lyrics and a short text to identify facts and traits about characters in order to write a song.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness, Social Awareness
From the Pen to the Stage: Writing Original ScriptsWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will use the elements of a story to write a script, using well-chosen details and event sequences AND act it out.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSocial Awareness
Creating, Revising, Performing, OH MY! The Power of Revision in the Creative ProcessWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will take criteria connected to theme, structure and intent and apply it to both poetry and dance in order to make revisions that improve the work.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness, Social Awareness
What Matters to You? Lifting Our Voices through Visual Art, Audio, and Written WordWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will reflect on and respond to poems and visual art with a central theme of cultural strength.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness, Social Awareness
#ITSAWHOLEMOOD: In Music, Texts, Illustrations, and US!WATCH ON VIMEOSudents will explore two stories to see how illustrations contribute to the meaning and mood of a text, and identify songs that match the same moods.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness
Beauty in the Eye of the Owner: Exploring Theme through Song LyricsWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will explore how similar themes are approached in different ways by two authors and write a song that captures their learning.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness, Social Awareness
Acting and Activism! Playgrounds or School Lunches? Finding Evidence to Support YOUR Point of ViewWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will listen to two characters’ monologues, representing different points of view, and will use evidence from those texts to determine which issue is more important to them.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSCommunity Awareness
Lights! Camera! Action! Exploring, Comparing and Staging StoriesWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will analyze and compare a Greek myth and a West African folktale and will see how one scene can be brought to life using several elements of theatre.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness, Social Awareness
Traits of Everyday SuperheroesWATCH ON VIMEOStudents will actively listen and do a close read of everyday heroes to identify the elements of character: traits, motivation, challenges, posture and voice.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf Awareness, Social Awareness
Breaking Barriers in Athletics and the Arts!WATCH ON VIMEOStudents will paraphrase informational text about athletes who broke barriers and use the essential elements of drawing to illustrate them. VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSocial Awareness, Self-Awareness
Bringing Myths to Life: Animating from Annotation!WATCH ON VIMEOStudents will annotate myths from different cultures in order to design and create flipbook animation that tells the stories. They will then compare and contrast the similar themes and topics from these two myths.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness, Social Awareness
Plotting to Become Writers!WATCH ON VIMEOStudents will identify story elements and performance elements in order to write their own stories that they can bring to life through performance.VIEW STANDARDS + EXTENSIONSSelf-Awareness