Pre-Recorded Assembly Performances

Synetic Theater


Hansel & Gretel

As Hansel embarks on his own wonder-filled exploration of his everyday surroundings, he and his sister fall into a magical realm that takes them far away from home. In this wordless production, themes of inclusion and acceptance are explored when this well-beloved Grimm fairy tale embraces the fantastical through the eyes of those who see the world through a different lens.

The People We Meet and the Friends We Keep
Valerie Branch


New Beginnings

An interactive 20-minute virtual assembly experience for early learning children ages 0-8. Can I change my mind? Can I start again? Can I take that back? Sometimes we act and move so quickly that we forget to think about the possible outcomes our reactions will have on the people around us, the people we care about, the people we are developing relationships with. Children will learn decision making, and creative problem solving through the art of choreography with Ms. V!

Beech Tree Puppet Theater


The Apple Tree

This gentle show celebrates helping others, self-reliance, and the joy of living in harmony with nature. Based on the story, “The Apple Elf” by Suzanne Down. No amplification. Sensory-friendly. Themes: The life cycle of the tree, farm animals and plants, butterflies, change of night and day, music and visual arts. Contains themes of self-reliance, community, and helping others.



(LOL) Literacy Out Loud

TAHIRA enthralls students with her tickle-your-funny-bone tales and delightful sing-along songs in her assembly (LOL) Literacy Out Loud. Delivered in her signature high-energy style, TAHIRA captivates young audiences with stories rooted in the oral tradition of the African Diaspora.

Valerie Branch Dance Ensemble


The People We Meet and The Friends We Keep

The People We Meet and the Friends We Keep is a contemporary dance performance focused on creating and sustaining healthy relationships between peers, family members, the new people we meet, and those within our surrounding communities. Audience members will have an interactive performance experience as they are invited to think about solutions to problems between friends, explore body movements for self-expression, and use elements viewed in the performance to choreograph their own dance sequence based on what they believe it would take to create and sustain healthy relationships.

Steve Cyphers Trio


Adventures in Rhythm

Singer/percussionist Steve Cyphers’s new pre-recorded Assembly will grab and hold students' attention with excitement! Students learn about the evolution of percussion instruments and the rhythmic styles associated with them. In addition to performing original and classic Soul, Funk, and Latin-Rock music Steve mixes studio and concert footage to teach key elements of music. Subjects include Geography, Science, and History.

Alden Phelps PR (3)
Alden Phelps


Word Play

Alden’s far-fetched, funny songs and impressive guitar playing delights every audience. In this music assembly Word Play, students sing along with original songs such as “My Mommy’s a Pirate” and “Chocolate Pie.” Word games woven into this musical performance bolster language skills and inspire love of language.

Synetic Theater


The Miraculous Magical Balloon

A series of hilarious pantomime sketches incorporates music, ballet, clowning, and audience participation in this theatre assembly. In The Miraculous Magical Balloon, students will discover the art of acting without words, opening the door to their imaginations. Expressed through body and facial masks, pantomime illusions, and unique choreography, The Miraculous Magical Balloon tells a wonderful story of a traveling actor and his magical trunk of tricks and toys.

Milkshake Duo


Garden Party

Lisa Mathews and Mikel Gehl of the Milkshake Band invite you to join them in Lisa’s garden as they sing and dance to original songs that encourage interaction—even virtually! Songs include “Hop Like a Bunny,” “Bluebird,” and a companion animated video; “ABC of Me,” “Fingers & Toes,” and a companion animated video; and “Boom Boom Shimmy Shimmy” and “Bottle of Sunshine” video.

Alden Phelps PR


Silly Songs with the Barnyard Bard

In Silly Songs with the Barnyard Bard, animal songs such as ‘Everybody’s Wakin’ Up,’ colorful visuals, and animated stories give students a fun appreciation of farms. The audience plays ‘The Breakfast Game’ and the ‘Where Did it Come From?’ game, which helps students see the central role that farms play in our everyday lives.

Natasha Mirny


Alphabetisimo! Interactive Shadow Theater Show

Where do words and letters go, after we say them, do you know? Some of them turn into shadows and dance and play in my House of Light! This is the story of a secret House of Light, where Letters and Words live, play, and create stories. Shadow letters turn into shadow characters, shadow characters come out of a shadow house and turn into flat puppets. What do we do, if A-angel falls asleep and its W-wings fly away? Angel and Boy and we all will go on a journey to find the Wings. Together we will run, jump, learn some pantomime moves, recall the alphabet, and use our imagination to turn letters into characters! And of course, we will find the wings, and in the end, tired and happy Letters will return home and...fall asleep: Z-Z-Z-Z...



Science of Sound

In this interactive multimedia extravaganza, Caryn transforms sound through the use of a five-string electric violin and modern technology that takes the students from the classical days of Bach to today’s techno-wonders. By using looping & sound effects, the musical equivalent of light traveling through a prism is created. Caryn opens students’ minds to explore out-of-the-box thinking in any discipline while also introducing the scientific concepts involved in creating live music. Three-dimensional sound waves become visible, bringing music to life before the audience’s very eyes & ears! Students see S.T.E.M. at work in the real world.

123 Andres
123 Andrés


Around the Americas with 123 Andrés

Around the Americas with 123 Andrés introduces students to Latin American song and dance through a musical lesson in geography that incorporates language, history, culture, and music. Andrés uses a large map to take students on a magical trip to the Americas while singing and dancing. Students participate in regional dances and practice their Spanish vocabulary building their knowledge of language and culture. Andrés is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and singer performing with a guitar, saxophone, percussion, and more. This presentation is ideal for Pre-K to 5th grade and dual language, ESL, foreign language, and diversity/multicultural studies.

Femi The DriFish PR


Rhythm, Rhyme & Poetry

Femi the DriFish’s poetry performance is a spoken word/slam poetry journey through the various reasons to write and perform. The purpose of Rhythm, Rhyme & Poetry is to show students that the subject matter for writing poetry can include identity, history, the simple things in life, social awareness, bullying, matters of the heart, and much more. Using words and body language can effectively convey emotions, communicate, and creatively connect with others.

Bomani PR
Baba Bomani


The Frederick Douglass Writing Club

Students learn the importance of literacy by following the life and career of Frederick Douglass through multimedia presentations and song. This assembly takes students from Frederick Douglass’s humble beginnings on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to the cities of Baltimore, New York, and London, and then back to Washington DC as he fights for the abolition of slavery through writing autobiographies, newspapers, and speeches. Baba Bomani uses his lyric videos and performances of tracks like “Selfie King” (about Douglass being the most photographed American of the 19th century) “Rhetoric Like Frederick” (about the ways Douglass wrote) “Fit to be a Slave” (about how Douglass stole his education) and “Speak for Myself” (about how Douglass gained the courage and skill to be a public speaker).

SOLE Defined



Separate your hands from your feet and join SOLE Defined to create a funky beat. SOLE Defined puts an exciting twist on percussive dance by turning bodies into human drums. This interactive assembly energizes the audience with its fusion of tap dance and stepping while sharing the history and traditions of these two American art forms.

Noa Baum PR
Noa Baum


Choosing Peace

At this critical time when we need to not only embrace diversity but also to understand it, Noa offers the opportunity to see the world from multiple perspectives and to consider our role in making the world kinder and more just. Hear a richly woven tapestry of stories from around the world that create the foundation for understanding and compassion. Students will explore the themes of peace, justice, wisdom, and compassion across diverse cultures.

Baba Bomani - Portal 1920x800


Open Mic

Open Mic is a multi-media presentation, explaining the fun process of hip-hop songwriting while comparing it to the practical skill of essay writing. Through the use of positive music videos and song lyrics, Bomani encourages students to find and create art that reflects their lives and aspirations.

Noa Baum - Portal 1000x600
Noa Baum


Undaunted: Tales of Adventure and Courage

During times of crisis, stories help calm and guide us. Since the dawn of time, people in every culture have been telling stories about overcoming fear to remind us of our courage. This uplifting program offers stories that attend to social emotional needs in challenging times and are rooted in literacy. Noa invites students to listen deeply, imagine, and connect with the adventures of undaunted characters who are not discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment.

Noa Baum2 - Portal 1000x600
Noa Baum


A Taste Of Eden: Stories from the Jewish Tradition

Award-winning Israeli storyteller and author Noa Baum invites you to a celebration of the Jewish tradition with tales of wonder, magic, and faith from Israel and around the world. With warm authenticity and her animated style, Noa combines Jewish folktales and personal stories that are uplifting and entertaining for the entire family.

Quynn 1000x600
Quynn Johnson


Tap Live!

The Tap Live! assembly shares Quynn’s personal journey through tap dance. This interactive and rhythmic performance shares the traditions and history of the American art form of Tap dance with Quynn’s personal journey of perseverance to overcome challenges through dance. Tap Live! combines dance and music with storytelling to inspire and impact students through rhythmic expression.

Ologunde PR


Axé Puro: Folkloric Music & Dance from Brazil

Ologundê performs Axé Puro: Folkloric Music & Dance from Brazil, a diverse repertoire which includes the rituals associated with Candomblé, a synthesis of the Yoruba and the Catholic religions in which various orixas (gods) are invoked; the breathtaking capoeira martial arts; and the exhilarating semba de roda, which can be traced back to the semba of Angola. Its performances and educational programs can be tailored to fit a specific venue or event.

East Meets West PR
Hua Hua Zhang


East Meets West

With the help of her amazing puppets, master puppeteer Hua Hua Zhang shares stories of China and America, and her puppets seem to come alive! East Meets West is a collection of wonderful vignettes guaranteed to delight audiences. Presented with string puppets, hand puppets, and rod puppets, the audience is sure to be enchanted and amazed. The short stories offer both Eastern and Western characters and ideas, blended together.

Baba Bomani


ABCs of Rap

Baba Bomani’s program uses rhythm and rhyme to explain basic reading and math concepts such as how to recognize syllables and showing how a rapper’s flow is simply a number bond math equation! Students have fun breaking and learning how to rap the alphabet backward, as well as learn crucial active listening skills and Black history.