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Check Yourself: Bullying Others is Bad 4 Your Health

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Check Yourself: Bullying Others is Bad 4 Your Health


WombWork Productions’ Nu World Art Ensemble examines the serious issue of bullying in their assembly “Check Yourself: Bullying Others is Bad 4 Your Health.” This original interactive performance serves as an eye opener for audience members, promoting respect and tolerance with tactics in problem-solving, positive conflict resolution, and overcoming obstacles.


"Even in very challenging situations, WombWork’s team collaborates and uses several positive behavior and character development strategies to foster a creative atmosphere with clear expectations. These attributes enable them to keep students engaged throughout the entire school day in a much needed artistic environment. WombWork consistently utilizes acting to emphasize the importance of literacy and mathematics and embeds those two primary curricular areas throughout their lessons. In giving students a well-rounded theater arts experience, WombWork often utilizes multi-media technology throughout their lessons which has noticeably enabled them to give students a high level of interest in theater arts. WombWork Productions is certainly enriching the lives of children and local communities in Baltimore City through all of the compassionate work that they provide through the perpetual usage of social identity & awareness and action through actual performance and teaching."

Ronald, Art Lead, Booker T. Washington Middle School for the Arts