Assembly / Performance

Milkshake Duo Garden Party

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Milkshake Duo Garden Party

Program Type
Assembly / Performance


Lisa and Mikel encourage young viewers to tune in to the melodies hidden within the natural world’s sounds, all while harmonizing with songs inspired by nature. They seamlessly weave in tunes that introduce fundamental sign language and counting experiences. This assembly is an engaging and motivational showcase that sparks children’s involvement as they become an integral part of the musical journey, actively contributing to the ensemble.

Through physical movement and vocal contributions, children actively participate. With each song, they are encouraged to embrace their creative spirit, interpreting diverse musical styles and engaging with singing games that introduce concepts like beat, tempo, and rhythm.

Age Groups
  • PK3 and PK4
  • Kindergarten
Content Areas
  • Language and Literacy
  • Social Studies

"I really enjoyed learning from Ms. Lisa and looked forward to her visits. She taught me how to get the children's attention through movement and music in every subject. I particularly liked the slide whistle that she gave me that helped the class hear and anticipate movements, like up and down. I enjoy reading, so adding music to stories that have repetition was a wonderful way to get the children to participate in the reading. Lisa was great and we would love to have her again next year!"  —Richmond Elementary

"Thanks for making our hearts sing!" —Ms. Hales and Miss Wilhites, Liberty Elementary, Baltimore