Grandma’s “Cautionary” Tales - Debra Mims
Assembly / Performance

Grandma’s “Cautionary” Tales

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Grandma’s “Cautionary” Tales

Debra Mims
Program Type
Assembly / Performance


In Grandma’s “Cautionary” Tales, actress Debra Mims transforms into Grandmother Sally Kathryn Mims to tell students stories her grandmother once told her. These interactive stories are an entertaining mix of ghost, folk, and “cautionary” tales found in African, African-American, and Caribbean literature, each coming with its own message and lesson to be learned. Grandma’s “Cautionary” Tales informs the audience so they can use positive thinking, problem-solving skills, and action to make choices.


"She was very enthusiastic and got the children involved in her storytelling."

Krista, Harford Hills Elementary

"Debra is such a powerful storyteller. Her beautiful voice and her interaction with the audience was superb! One of the parents attending the show said they would enjoy listening to her read from the phone book. Debra Mims is so expressive. You can tell she loves storytelling and children!"

Worcester Preparatory School