Natasha Mirny of Happy Theater with a drum
Assembly / Performance

NEST: Interactive Play

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NEST: Interactive Play

Program Type
Assembly / Performance


Step into an engaging interactive play accompanied by live music, delving into the captivating life cycle of a bird. Nestled in a tree, an egg is tenderly warmed until a charming baby bird emerges. In this heartwarming narrative, the nurturing hand of the forest fairy takes over, guiding the baby bird’s journey. As the two companions embark on a voyage through the changing seasons, they delve into the essence of growth, the art of flight, and the profound experience of being a parent or caregiver. Their adventure unfolds amidst sensory experiences, from feeling the touch of sunshine and rain, to inhaling the fragrance of flowers, savoring the taste of berries, and encountering the beauty of butterflies. Enriched with enchantment, this magical expedition with Natasha Mirny and Happy Theater invites you and your own “baby bird” to join in the wonder.

Age Groups
  • Infant (0-2 years)
  • Toddler (2-3 years)
  • PK3 and PK4
  • Kindergarten
Content Areas
  • Science