The Hollow Stump

Program Type
Assembly / Performance


Seven very different animals seek shelter from the winter cold and snow in a large hollow stump. The cuddly, hand-crafted rod-puppets will enchant any child as the characteristics of each animal are revealed through a unique and descriptive original poem and song. When the animals let newcomers enter and the space inside the stump grows tighter, these songs interweave. Adapted from the popular Ukrainian folk tale, The Mitten, this tale celebrates community, as the animals learn to share one space. No amplification. Sensory-friendly.

Duration: 35 minutes, plus optional Q+A session afterward. Topics can include story content, aspects of creating and performing the show, and the life of a puppeteer.


“Beech Tree Puppets present a unique puppet theatre experience that is calm, gentle and quiet, with beautiful singing and unamplified music, gorgeous sets and lively felted wool puppets. The shows have a fairy tale quality that is peaceful and entrancing. CPAE is delighted with BTP and has invited them back repeatedly. They hold children’s attention in quiet fascination. Because of their musical and artistic training, they present a high-level artistic experience….”

Melissa Sites, Executive Director, the College Park Arts Exchange

“Beech Tree’s performances expose the children to beautiful, classical singing and handcrafted, evocative puppets and sets. From an educator’s point of view we find their traditional stories, that reflect aspects of the natural world, weave easily into our curriculum beyond the arts, particularly science-related themes. The combination of story-telling, music and visuals and, of course, puppets appeals to all types of learners and seems to enhance children’s recall of content. Every time they are here the children are thoroughly engaged in the performance. I highly recommend Beech Tree Puppets’ compelling performances to people of all ages.”

Lisa Meyer, Director, Greenbelt Nursery School