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The Proof Is in the Spoof!

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The Proof Is in the Spoof!


This assembly is designed to introduce students to the Spoof School residency, utilizing a multimedia presentation of music, video, and live performance to get students excited about the possibilities of parody and how they can be applied in the classroom.



“Whether it was making up rhymes and raps about multiplication facts or reading a story and teaching characterization by acting out different traits and feelings, teaching with Mr. Anderson was active, meaningful, and engaging!"

Tianna Lanier, Teacher, Summer Arts & Learning Academy

“Drew Anderson’s creation of C.R.U.N.K Academy is an amazing vehicle to quantify emotions and character traits in a way that the kids can learn, apply and grow. He walked them through the process of experiencing each concept to become more self-aware and respond positively to their environment. By doing so, the kids were fired up and prepared for the two performances we did, thanks to Drew’s direction. Drew has created a great program, and I am glad to have worked with him.”

April Kersey, Teaching Artist Assistant, Summer Arts & Learning Academy