Schroeder Cherry
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Underground Railroad, Not A Subway

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Underground Railroad, Not A Subway

In the puppet performance Underground Railroad, Not A Subway, students will learn the true definition of the Underground Railroad and how it got its name. They’ll see and hear the story of a young boy who decides to run north and escape slavery.

The story is narrated by an older gentleman who leads the audience through the boy’s journey north as he encounters free blacks, whites who are willing to help, and slave catchers. Will he make it?

This 45-minute presentation is performed with a variety of puppets — rod puppets, hand puppets, and wood cut-outs — constructed by Schroeder Cherry. The show ends in a participatory chant with the audience. Recommended audience ages are six years through adult.


"Our students were captivated and listened attentively throughout the assembly. A pen could have dropped as they were silent during the program, taking in all the history."

Nina Lattimore, Principal, Capitol Heights Elementary School