Person with short, blonde hair smiling into the camera. They are wearing a blue striped shirt and hoop earrings.

Caroline Ferrante

Art Form(s)
Music, Theatre
Artist Credentials
A4L Resident Teaching Artist
Maryland Wolf Trap Teaching Artist
MSAC Teaching Artist Roster
About this Artist

Pronouns: she/her

Caroline Ferrante is a Maryland Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts teaching artist who provides early learning residencies. Learn more about the Maryland Wolf Trap program.

Musician and educator Caroline Ferrante brings 20 years of classroom experience to her arts-integrated classes, workshops, and performances. Ferrante is an award-winning songwriter for film, television, and theatre, and holds semi-annual writing workshops on college campuses. Also an actor, Ferrante played the lead in “Rain Follows the Plow” at the Atlas Theatre to national acclaim. All of these artistic threads are woven into the fabric of Caroline’s curriculum and classroom strategies.

Artist Statement

Fundamentally all teachers are artists—using strategies from our ever-growing toolkits, expanding the colors on our palettes. We create educational experiences that shape minds and hearts.


"We are grateful that, during the pandemic and these uncertain times, the classes provide a wonderful way to channel and process emotions, share stories and build resilience. A special thanks to Mx. Caroline for creating a haven of brilliant imagination, and pure joy—so hard to do virtually as well as through these arduous days."