Dinosaur O’Dell

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Pronouns: he/him

Whether he’s fixing spaceships, counting monsters or swimming in peanut butter, Dino has, for 20 years, performed for legions of children all over the country. He is a former elementary and preschool teacher and an award-winning songwriter, storyteller, and children’s author. Dino’s programs engage with humor, music, and lots of interaction. They include songs, stories, and even animated videos. Assembly topics include astronomy, geography, Earth science, mathematics, and early childhood literacy. The shows are focused, engaging, funny, interesting, active, interactive, and musical.

Artist Statement

Engage! Interact! Learn! As elementary and preschool educators, we’ve all witnessed the power of music and stories to engage a classroom and create context for deeper learning. My assemblies are essentially a lesson plan dressed up as a performance. Whether the topic is history, science or early literacy, the students are engaged through songs, stories and animations. Every moment is intentional, and by the end of the program, the students will be able to do things like sing all the continents and identify landforms of planet Earth (geography), or explain the difference between meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids (astronomy). Most importantly, these shows are interactive in a way that naturally engages a student’s energy, curiosity, and instinct for learning. As a result, these assemblies are not only focused and educational but also a lot of fun!


“Learning hasn’t been this groovy since School House Rock.” —School Library Journal

“Our elementary students were singing, laughing, and, all the while, learning about geography. Dino’s experience as a teacher makes a world of difference.” —Chris Masterson, Assistant Principal, Holy Name Elementary School, St. Louis, Missouri

”Focused, educational, and collaborative. Dino is a favorite with both the students AND the teachers.” —Vanessa Miller, Classroom Teacher, The Evergreen School, Seattle, Washington