Max Bent

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Pronouns: he/him

Max Bent started beatboxing at the age of eight, imitating with his mouth what he heard on the radio. Since then, Max’s love for the beat has taken him on many exciting journeys. His experience as a teacher has helped him transition into his work as a teaching artist.

Artist Statement

Vocal improvisation leads to sonic discoveries.

I am on the never-ending search for sounds that surprise me. Connecting with people instantly, seeing them smile, seeing them move. Be in the moment, listen and respond; the mind is elastic, infinite, and playful. Let it run free!


"He was AMAZING! The kids LOVED and LEARNED so much! He is an arts integration master!"

Nicole, Teacher, Willards Elementary

"The entire school could not get enough of Max Bent's show. I think the parents were skeptical to have a beat boxer entertain and educate the students, but word spread like wildfire that his performance was amazing!"

Dottie, PTA, Lutherville Elmentary

"Not only is Mr. Max a compelling performer, but he is a truly gifted teacher. Max's musical skill level was extremely high, and he spent a lot of time teaching the students, even before the show."

Anne, Teacher, John Hanson French Immersion School