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Outside the Box: Beatboxing with Mr. Max

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Outside the Box: Beatboxing with Mr. Max

Max Bent
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Assembly / Performance


Max Bent entertains and engages through demonstrations of skill, musical games, and the use of cutting-edge audio technology in Outside the Box: Beatboxing with Mr. Max. Students learn about the elements of music through beatboxing, such as dynamics, duration, and pitch, and are encouraged to join in the presentation.


"Max was AMAZING! The kids LOVED and LEARNED so much! He is an arts integration master!"

Nicole, Teacher, Willards Elementary

"The entire school could not get enough of Max Bent's show.The parents were skeptical to have a beatboxer entertain and educate the students, but word spread like wildfire that his performance was amazing."

Dottie, PTA, Lutherville Elementary

"Max has the ability to engage such a wide age range and ability level. He was patient with our students and celebrated their unique differences. His level of craftsmanship was also outstanding and he put out so much energy and positive vibes."

Amy, Teacher, Baltimore Lab School