Ti Malik Coleman

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Pronouns: he/him

Ti Malik Coleman is a brilliant comedian with a passion and history of making space for himself and others on stage. As a former performer with Baltimore Improv Group, he was in several house troupes before co-founding Casually Dope. Casually Dope (first Minority Re’port) has performed and featured in many cities, including Chicago, New York, Toronto, and Calgary, and has been a very loud voice for the underheard and underrepresented on stage.

Ti Malik is also a sought-after teacher. He has taught core and advanced classes with Baltimore Improv Group and Maryland Improv Group. He is a frequent guest instructor for Bad Dog Theater (Toronto), winning Favorite Guest Instructor in 2020. He has taught classes and workshops to a number of theaters around the country, and in Canada and London.

His deepest love is working with young people; he has taught improv in many schools and works with organizations to bring improv to youth of all access levels. He created the first teen troupe at Baltimore Improv Group and taught youth of all ages in their young comedy program.

The joy is in the journey, he looks forward to meeting you on the way!

Laughter as an assessment. Connection as the desired outcome. The win isn’t the destination, the win is the journey.


"Mr. Ti Coleman: Thank you! You brought fun, light, and happiness to our Friends Middle School!"

"It was fun and I enjoyed the atmosphere. It felt like everyone was happy to be there and Mr. Ti's games really brought out that positive energy in everyone." - Student

"We were learning, but also having fun at the same time because of him!" - Friends Middle School student