Tyronda Boone

Art Form(s)
Music, Theatre
About this Artist

Pronouns: she/her

Ms. Ty is a teaching artist, playwright, and author with over 25 years of experience who has dedicated her life to positively impacting others through the arts. She founded a nonprofit organization called The M.O.S.T. to provide performing arts lessons to underserved communities. Ms. Ty has created innovative educational programs that use musical theater to teach early students about financial literacy, reading, science, and math. Her programs are engaging and entertaining and leave a lasting effect on the audience and the community.

Artist Statement

When I was younger, musical theater gave me confidence and a support system whenever needed. It helped me learn to believe in myself and pursue big dreams, which are values that I hope to instill in my audience. Arts education can transform young people’s lives and equip them with essential skills for their future.