Teaching Artist Emergency Fund: Back to work!

In the Spring of 2020, you helped to raise $57,000 to support teaching artists and their families.

We are asking again for your support.

COVID-19 is still with us. School budgets are frozen, and money typically earmarked for the arts is being directed elsewhere. The result: Our artists lost more than $80,000 in earnings between September and December, and we project greater losses this Spring.

To address, this our board allocated $30,000 in immediate financial relief to artists. They agreed to relaunch the Teaching Artist Emergency Fund and swiftly found two donors to kick off the Fund with $5,000.

Artists want to put their unique talents and skills back to work in the virtual classroom: Inspiring young learners through the joy and creativity the arts bring to education. Your donation will help make this happen.

Everything you give will go directly to artists.

100% of all tax-deductible donations given to this campaign will go directly to our artists by putting them to work and inspiring children!