Adventures in Rhythm

Program Type
Assembly / Performance


The Adventures in Rhythm assembly with the three-piece percussive-rock band Steven Cyphers Trio features Steve Cyphers on vocals, drums, and percussion, backed by a bass player/vocalist and a guitarist/vocalist. Steve teaches students about the history, geography, and evolution of percussion instruments, from the log drum of Africa to the modern drum kit. Using shakers, hand-held instruments, clapping, stomping, and singing, students experience different musical genres, styles, and the different rhythms that accompany them. Steve demonstrates and defines all the components of the drum-kit and how they work together. Many elements of music are illustrated, including pitch, tone, tempo, and duration. Students walk away with a unique take on how fractions tie into music from a drummer’s point of view.


"It was my favorite part of first grade when Mr. Steve came to drum. He rocked!"