David Harrell
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The Boy Who Would Be Captain Hook

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The Boy Who Would Be Captain Hook

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Assembly / Performance


David always wanted to be a part of the normal playground games but was only included when the other kids recognized that his prosthetic hook made him perfect for the part of Captain Hook in Peter Pan. Always wanting more, David demonstrates that by not judging a book by its cover, everybody grows. The Boy Who Would Be Captain Hook, a solo play written and performed by David Harrell, is a moving and humorous look at growing up without a right hand. The performance serves as an excellent vehicle for character development curriculum and teaches how David demonstrated perseverance and overcame the struggles of identity.

Please note that this program is ONLY available in a live-streamed (ie. virtual) format.

Virtual Performance:


You engaged students who are not easily engaged.

Principal, Somerville Elementary

We just had a discussion on empathy in my class and your show was a perfect
reminder to my students.

Teacher, Willard Elementary

David really connected with our children. We infuse Character Education into our daily lessons. He reinforced Respect, Individual Differences, and The Golden Rule. David did a great job of explaining that we all have challenges in life to overcome. This really made a strong impression on our children.

Health & Physical Education Teacher, Ashbrook School

Thank you so much for your inspiring and enthusiastic performance earlier this week at Wilbur Watts. Our students were drawn in by your story and found new meaning in the concepts of perseverance, integrity, and indomitable spirit. We were happy to have hosted you and we hope your experience here at Wilbur Watts was a positive one. Thank you once again for helping to inspire our students to better themselves inside and outside of the classroom.

Music Teacher, Wilbur Watts Intermediate

David Harrell was engaging with both his content and entertainment. The students were hanging on every word of his story. Thank you.

Acting Asst. Principal, Whiton Elementary