Learn about Japanese Taiko Drums

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Learn about Japanese Taiko Drums


"Taikoza is an excellent team of artists that have worked with diverse communities and ages. (Pre-K - adults) Not only are the students entertained with traditional music, dances, and stories of Japan but they are also filled with content that deepens students’ understanding of traditional and contemporary culture of Japan. They are interactive with students that span learning Japanese words, playing drums, listening to the flutes or hearing the stories behind the traditional songs and dances they present. They acknowledge teachers and students by creating a setting where all participate and feel free to ask questions. Students definitely take away a deeper understanding of the culture and people. The power of the Taikoza drum, the enlightenment of the flute and the beauty of the koto resonates in our students’ minds years beyond the initial workshops and/or performances. I highly recommend Taikoza to visit your school for they are valuable educators who are dedicated to the culture of Japan."

Regina Larkin, Manager of Education Programs / SYMPHONY SPACE

"Taikoza performed above and beyond our expectations. This was a special performance for a group of neurodiverse adults and it was fantastic. The audience begged us to bring Taikoza back soon! The way in which the performers engaged and included the audience was phenomenal. Thank you!"

Lynne Griffith E.D. of the Carroll County Arts Council