Mujje: Come Together

Program Type
Assembly / Performance


In this interactive dance assembly, Ssuuna opens a window to African culture through dance, music, and storytelling. Students compare and contrast cultures and learn the importance of respecting cultural differences in Mujje: Come Together. Ssuuna shares music from his native Uganda with authentic African instruments, such as the thumb piano and the one-stringed fiddle. Students have the chance to play alongside Ssuuna and learn a song in Luganda, the language of Uganda.


"The students had fun, respected Ssuuna, and were challenged by the experience. The whole school community appreciated the programs and seeing students at their best."

Sherrie, Thomas Jefferson Elementary Middle

"His presentation enriched the lives of our students by teaching them a different language along with dance and music native to his country. He also taught the students about self-respect, discipline, and valuing different perspectives...Even after his program ended, students continued to talk about their time with him and the dances that they learned."

"The kids came back to class and someone said 'That was so cool!' and another student said, 'That wasn't just cool, it was awesome!!'"

Kathleen, Teacher, Church Hill Elementary