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Seagull Mamma: A Performance Piece about Trash and Recycling

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Seagull Mamma: A Performance Piece about Trash and Recycling

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Assembly / Performance

Ms. Kathie opens with a short talk about trash and recycling. This interactive show takes young audience members on a journey through the eyes of a seagull mamma who mistakes trash for fish while hunting for food for her young. How do our waterways get so polluted with plastic trash? The term ‘plastic soup’ is introduced; lakes, rivers, and seas that have so much plastic trash that no fish can live there. This presentation also uses physical theatre techniques to provide comic relief. Learning through laughter is Ms. Kathie’s favorite way of introducing theatre to young audience members while sharing important social messages. In the show finale, Ms. Kathie teaches the audience a Dutch song from the country she immigrated to 35 years ago.


“What a delight to have your talent, dedication and inspirational energy around! We were so lucky Steve made the connection with you in R'dam and you were willing to come over and enlighten us, the teachers and the kids in the classroom. You are the BEST and what a creative force, hopefully the BRSCC can work with you in the future and extend this collaboration.”  

Annet Couwenberg, former chair Baltimore Rotterdam Sister City Committee  
“My students are so enriched by their work with you. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.”  

Kelly Klinefelter Lee, English Teacher, Benjamin Franklin High School 
“I have genuinely enjoyed having the both [Jason Reed] of you at our school and in our class. I hope that this is the start of an ongoing partnership and friendship. Thank for all that both of you do!”  

Chris Wilson, English/Drama Teacher, Benjamin Franklin High School   
“Kathie's presentation was eye-opening! I had no idea how similar people's perceptions of garbage in Rotterdam was to citizens in Baltimore. It was awesome when we had to get up and work together to undo the tangled mess we had become.”   

Kate Amberger, Curtis Bay Elementary School  
“Working with Kathie was a joy, and we can all be extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish in such a short time.”   

Jason Reed, Filbert Street Garden community outreach project and Open Society Fellow