The Apple Tree

Program Type
Assembly / Performance


This marionette puppet show presents the story of an older woman living in the countryside with her lively dog, her shy cat, and her cuddly sheep. She decides to plant an apple tree so she can make a pie for her birthday. The seed sprouts and an apple tree grows, bearing ripe fruit. Many short, beautiful songs introduce the garden, animals, and the growing apple tree as they appear on this richly colored set. A butterfly sips nectar from flowers in the garden and a toad hops out from behind a plant. As her birthday nears, the woman finds it difficult to harvest all the apples herself. She is surprised by an unexpected little helper. She celebrates her birthday with the animals, then leaves a thank-you gift. The performers teach the audience a fun song involving hand and body motions and following
the cycle of the apple tree. This gentle show celebrates helping others, self-reliance, and the joy of living in harmony with nature. Based on the story, “The Apple Elf” by Suzanne Down. No amplification. Sensory-friendly. Themes: Life cycle of the tree, farm animals and plants, butterflies, change of night and day, music and visual arts. Contains themes of self-reliance, community, and helping others.


"From the smallest pre-Kindergarten students, to the biggest fifth graders,
students were mesmerized”

—Greenbelt News Review

“Beech Tree’s performances expose the children to beautiful, classical singing and handcrafted, evocative puppets and sets. From an educator’s point of view we find their traditional stories, that reflect aspects of the natural world, weave easily into our curriculum beyond the arts,
particularly science-related themes. The combination of story-telling, music and visuals and, of course, puppets appeals to all types of learners and seems to enhance children’s recall of content. Every time they are here the children are thoroughly engaged in the performance. I highly
recommend Beech Tree Puppets’ compelling performances to people of all ages.”

—Lisa Meyer, Director of Greenbelt Nursery School