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The History of Hip Hop

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The History of Hip Hop

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Assembly / Performance


This high-energy assembly brings the history of hip-hop dance to life through interactive demonstration, jaw-dropping dance, audience participation, and a compelling Q&A. The History of Hip Hop teaches the positive aspects of hip-hop art and culture, the technical elements of this dance form, and its history. Students get to share some of their own dance moves! Djing, the Human Beat Box, and the MC are also covered in the History of Hip Hop.


"I just returned from the wonderful performance of Illstyle and Peace at Poolesville High and I wanted to immediately give my kudos on a fantastic performance and program at our school. The performers were outstanding and did a great job of captivating typically jaded and hard to please teenagers (who usually think anything to do with cultural arts must be "lame"). I would highly recommend this group to anyone interested in an assembly."

Beth, PTA, Poolesville High

"They were fantastic—Our 8th graders were hanging on every word and watching every move!"

Kelly, Music teacher, Arbutus Middle

"The Wow Factor. Students were very engaged."

Kristin, Principal, Overlook Elementary

"Students and faculty LOVED the performance! High-energy, interactive, and educational. A fun time was had by all. Thank you!"

Mt. St. Joseph High School