Totally Vocally

Program Type
Assembly / Performance


Totally Vocally is jam-packed with music, entertainment, and education! Through contemporary & classic cover songs and original works, Ball in the House (BitH) will discuss and teach many aspects of music and performance. Students will discover what “a cappella” is and how it works, explore the technology behind a sound system, hear the various voice parts and how they fit together to make harmony and songs, learn how to beatbox and use rhythm, experience the history of a cappella singing from chant through doo-wop, get introduced to songwriting and collaboration, and have a chance to ask questions. Totally Vocally also addresses the teamwork aspect of performing together and how BitH needs to work together as people and as voices. Through fun rapport and stories of their own experiences as students (dealing with peer pressure, etc.), BitH inspires and encourages students to get involved and stay involved in the arts.


“This was the best assembly I have ever seen in 32 years of teaching—No one wanted to leave—young and old.”

Rebecca, Teacher, Saints Peter and Paul School

"The kids loved them and the teachers loved them. The mix of talent and education and inspiration was divine!"

Tanja, PTA, Wyngate Elementary

"The energy level was up near the ozone. Incredibly channeled and focused. To see students excited in class and excited to come to class was awesome!"

Laura, Teacher, Edgewood Elementary

"One teacher said: 'I've seen a loooot of cultural arts presentations...and that was a good one!'"

Arthur, Hammond Elementary, Howard County

"Our students and staff really loved the performance. It was great to incorporate music theory and history into the performance for our students. Thanks so much!!!"

Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary