Ball in the House

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Ball in the House (BitH) is an R&B/Soul/Pop a cappella group based out of Boston whose high energy shows have audiences singing, dancing, even beatboxing along. Touring over 200 shows a year, BitH has performed everywhere—colleges, theaters, festivals—even opening for everyone from legends such as the Temptations, to contemporary acts such as Nick Jonas. You may have also heard them as the voices behind ads such as Amazon Prime and Cool Whip. Ball in the House has appeared on the TODAY Show, America’s Got Talent, and the Daily Buzz; headlined the 2016 China International Chorus Festival in Beijing; were recently voted “APCA Band of the Year;” and are the 2016 Boston Harmony Sweepstakes champions.


"Ball in the House was the best performance I have seen in 32 years of teaching! No one wanted to leave—young and old."

Rebecca, Teacher, Saints Peter and Paul Elementary

"Truly a wonderful, educational and fun assembly. They are extremely talented and did an exceptional job explaining and relating to our audience."

Laurie, PTA, Grasonville Elementary School

"The energy level was up near the ozone. Incredibly channeled and focused! To see them excited in class and excited to come to class was awesome!"

Laura, Teacher, Edgewood Elementary