Kevin Alan Brown

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Maryland Wolf Trap Teaching Artist
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Pronouns: he/him

Kevin Alan Brown is an actor, director, and teaching artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. He holds an MFA from the Shakespeare Theatre Company Academy at the George Washington University. He is also the co-artistic director of Red Key Dance Theatre with his wife and fellow Arts for Learning teaching artist Robin Neveu Brown. He has performed internationally in Russia and Greece, as well as stateside in New York, DC, Maryland, Colorado, and numerous other theaters across the US.

Artist Statement

It was in D.C. that Kevin began his journey as a teaching artist. It has long been his belief that being an active professional in the acting field enriches his teaching, and vice versa. Theatre is a place where we can truly be ourselves by pretending to be someone else. D.C. was also the beginning of his passion to decolonize theatre and make it accessible to students of all ages. Theatre is for everyone, and Kevin’s work as a teaching artist exemplifies this idea. Kevin strives to make his classes a safe space where participants can take risks and explore within the context of a positive and affirming community. Theatre offers us a chance to learn how to learn about ourselves. Social emotional learning is of paramount importance in Kevin’s work as a teaching artist. His residencies use the physical work of character creation and the mental work of collaborating to create new theatrical experiences. In the past, he has used techniques of slam poetry, journaling, Shakespeare, literature, and writing prompts to forge devised theatre pieces in collaboration with his students. Each class yields a new, never before seen piece of theatre that is completely unique to each cohort. His classes and residencies can also be adapted to enrich a school’s curriculum. In these classes, students learn how to collaborate and communicate with their peers, how to create dynamic characters with their bodies, and learn the tools of the trade for actors.


"This was a great residency with Kevin. He made it great and relatable for the students."

"I enjoyed and highly recommend it!"

"We enjoyed Mr. Kevin Brown and all of the activities he shared with us."

"Thank you to Mr. Brown! That was so much fun. We all really enjoyed the time."

"Class really enjoyed Mr. Kevin and were disappointed when the week was over."