More than Movement


Illstyle and Peace Productions, a Young Audiences roster ensemble, is a multicultural dance company that delivers a positive message of individual expression. They’ve performed for audiences young and old across the world. Last year, they were chosen by the U.S. State Department’s DanceMotion USA program as cultural ambassadors in Belarus, Russia, and the Ukraine. No matter where they perform, their work focuses on a specific theme: the spirit and movement of Hip Hop.

The spring edition of Philadelphia’s JUMP, a magazine that promotes the city’s music scene, featured an interview with this talented group. In the article, Illstyle and Peace Productions discuss what movement means to them.

“Movement can make a difference,” said founder and artistic director Brandon “Peace” Albright. “Movement can make a change. Movement can make a career out of somebody. Movement can bring forth peace, love, and respect for everyone.”

The article also praises Albright for his high-energy workshops and educational programs, such as No Bullying, STOP Bullying: Let’s Be Friends, an assembly that teaches positivity, fairness, working together, acceptance, and communication, and The History of Hip Hop, which brings the history of Hip Hop dance to life. Both programs are offered through Young Audiences.

Read the full JUMP article on page 27 here.

Learn more about Illstyle and Peace Productions and their assembly programs for schools here.