A Crocodile’s Tale

How do we help each other make the world a better place?

Meet a human family and an animal family and explore how they each fear and need each other. Journey with us in this story dramatization combining A Crocodile’s Tale, from the Philippines, and a story from West Africa, The Hunterman and the Crocodile, presented by Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist and actor Katherine Lyons. Both stories deal with the relationship between humans and nature and teach us to respect and appreciate the earth and all living things. We’ll use body movements and chants, match instruments and props to characters, explore ordinal numbers, counting, sequencing, and problem solving. A Crocodile’s Tale is a wonderful story for all children and their families with its surprise ending, sense of humor, and its message of harmony and hope.

Goal: Families will learn to appreciate nature and take care of our earth while participating in a story experience.