This News Rocks!

Is there a better feeling than sharing news so exciting you want to shout it from the rooftop? Maybe you heard us all making some noise when the 64th annual GRAMMY award nominations were announced—because our chief program officer, Jessica Smith Hebron a.k.a Culture Queen, has been nominated in the Children’s Music category!

Jessica is one of the artists featured on the album All One Tribe by the One Tribe Collective. Released on Juneteenth of this year, the album features 24 Black children’s music artists making it the first children’s music album of its kind! Check out her video for the song “I am the Future of Black History” and the full album at!

Not only that, WolfTrap/Early Learning artist 123 Andrés was nominated in the same category for their new album Actívate. The album brings together over 40 musicians celebrating sounds, rhythms, and flavor from across Latin America and features Arts for Learning roster artist Jamaal “Mr. Root” Collier! 

Let’s get up, get moving, and cheering! Hooray and congratulations, Jessica, Andrés and Christina, and Mr. Root!! You ROCK!