Artists! Join the Summer Artists Corps to Become a Teaching Artist this Summer

Alert! Alert! We’re hiring practicing artists to transform student learning by using their art form in the classroom!

Beginning in February, our paid Summer Artists Corps training program will guide artists through workshops, mentorships, shared experiences and personal reflection to discover the processes and dynamics of co-teaching arts integrated lessons with an educator. Artists will join a community of like-minded peers to explore how to emotionally support students, create a productive classroom climate, and use arts integration as anti-racist pedagogy – all while building marketable teaching artist skills.

A series of Race Equity Trainings will allow artists to examine existing biases and better understand the history and current impact of institutional and structural racism on policies and practices in public education.

The 60+ hour training program runs from late February through early June 2022.

Artists who successfully complete the training will receive a $500 stipend and will be hired to work at our Summer Arts for Learning Academy (SALA), with earnings up to $11,500 ($50/hour)!

SALA is a six-week program where practicing artists collaborate with classroom teachers, using art to make morning math and literacy lessons more joyful and understandable. And in the afternoon, artists engage with students directly in their art form.

Spread the word to artists you know! For more information about Summer Artist Corps and to find the application – due January 26 – click here.