Tales Together

Money Moves: the Musical

The “Money Moves: The Musical” experience uses musical theatre to teach students about financial literacy concepts while highlighting the four parts of a musical. At the end of the program, students will create a short musical scene, which will include…

Soul of Langston

Out of This World: Music and Stories from Space

Out of This World is an interactive science program designed to teach students about the planets of our solar system; the differences between meteors, meteoroids, and meteorites; and the importance of constellations, gravity, friction, and the greenhouse effect. Presented by…

Around the World: The Geography of Planet Earth

Let’s go on an adventure Around the World! Whether unearthing the mysterious treasures of King Tut’s tomb, gasping in the thin atmosphere atop Mount Everest, or learning to swim with piranhas in the Amazon River, this journey transports students to…

Life on Earth: The History of Life on Our Planet

Let’s go back in time to the beginning of Life on Earth! It’s a journey through time to 550 million years ago when life began on planet Earth. Dino guides us through the three eras of life on our planet:…

Art in Motion: Stop-Action Animation Residency

Adventures in Animation: Stop-Action Animation Residency

Synetic Theater PR

Synetic 101 – Beginning and Advanced

Man with a guitar seated on front steps of a building with a woman and three children.

The Social Music Party!

Two dancers on stage with glowing snowflakes and a snow-covered set.

Snow Maiden

Man stands in front of a projection of book covers as children look on.

How A Book Is Made

Description Author/Illustrator Timothy Young shows how children’s books are made. His presentation answers many of the questions young readers have such as: “How do you get your ideas?” “How do you write a book?” “How do you illustrate a book?”…