Share, Care, And Play Fair

Using Drama to Enhance Children’s Social-Emotional Development
In Share, Care, and Play Fair, explore children’s literature to find the messages so important to a child’s social and emotional growth. In this interactive workshop, learn drama strategies that promote the social-emotional skills of empathy, respect, self-control, kindness, cooperation, problem-solving, and self-confidence in our youngest learners. By examining literature through a new lens, Share, Care, and Play Fair will build the foundation for shaping children’s hearts and minds through the arts. Includes handout.

Goal: To examine literature and drama strategies that promote children’s social-emotional development, with an emphasis on kindness, empathy, and respect for self and others.

*All workshops longer than 90 minutes include an on-site orientation meeting.


"Katherine brings talent, intelligence, and genuine warmth to her work with young children and their teachers."

Miriam C. Flaherty Willis, Senior Director, Education, Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts