Arts Career Day

Inaugural Arts Career Day, A Recap

“Arts Career Day! Every single art form’s got something to say. If your art is your career, you deserve to be paid!”

Those lyrics to the Arts Career Day theme song, written by the amazing teaching artist and hip-hop artist Jamaal “Mr. Root” Collier, encapsulate the power of the arts and the importance of ensuring our young, creative students understand how to build careers in the field.

Last month, Young Audiences’ first-ever Arts Career Day did just that through helpful tips and guidance directly from artists for K-12 students on building arts-based careers! Hundreds of students and educators tuned in to the free, fun, virtual event.

No matter your goals or your roles, the insights were inspiring. See for yourself! Check out some artist tips heard in Arts Career Day:

“Love all the things you do. There are no mistakes.” – Christina Delgado

“Find your WHY.” – Brother David, Wombwork Productions

“Dance to the music playing in movies. Try to understand what it makes you feel.” – Emily Brennan

“Always believe in yourself. And believe in your gift: it is yours. … Don’t compare your journey.” – Zori Patrick

“My best advice is follow your passion. Be yourself. And practice, practice, practice.” – Amanda Pellerin

“Always keep your mind open for opportunities. Be willing to go outside of your comfort zone. … I am a strong believer that, if you get started, the world will meet you halfway.” – Ahmad Abdullah

“As artists, we all get ideas from each other. … It’s ok to borrow (as long as you credit). And then make it your own!” – Lisa Mathews

To learn more, check out a full recording of the event here.